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Sometimes songs can course through you before you have a chance to censor yourself. “The Lift” began with one song... that ultimately led us to share the entire truth behind my failing relationships. My name is Amber Ojeda, and I am a hopeless romantic. This collection of songs is dear to my heart.

Davy & I met years ago in LA on a gig and hit it off right away. I always felt safe to be honest and open with him, both in conversation and creatively. I am a singer/songwriter from San Diego. My music can be currently heard in movies and networks like ABC, Bravo, Oxygen, & the Style Network. I have also appeared in commercials and the television shows, most recently Bravo’s singer/songwriter competitions series “Platinum Hit.” Davy Nathan is an accomplished piano player and musical director with heavy-hitters in the industry like Christina Aguilera, Toni Braxton, Colbie Calliet and Simon Cowell’s X-Factor.
But beyond all this, past the accolades, lies the true us...just press play.

About      Credits

Produced & arranged by Michael Feingold for Maiku music

Michael Feingold - Keyboards, Orchestral arrangements, Guitars, Bass
Matt Chamberlain - Drums, percussion
Patrick Warren - Keyboards, pump organ, Autoharp, additional arrangements
Davy Nathan - Additional keyboards
Amber Ojeda - Vocals

All songs mixed by Aris Archontis except for 'Love lost' mixed by Alan Evans

Mastered by Dave Kutch

Additional Engineering:
Charles Moniz - Engineer
S. Husky Hoskulds - Engineer
Matty Green - Engineer

All songs written by Davy Nathan, Amber Ojeda & Michael Feingold.